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Kitchen Audit: Comprehensive Kitchen Supply Checklist

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When was the last time you checked your kitchen to see if you’re prepared for your next gathering? Chances are it’s been a while because if you’re like me, you don’t search your drawers until you need something!

Can I ask you something else? When was the last time you invested in your space taking full inventory of what you have and what you need?

Chances are it was when you first moved into your space or even...your wedding registry!

What if today, as a friend I said, Hey, let’s go through what you have. No judgement. I’ll give you suggestions based on what I use, love, and THEN together we’ll give you confidence that your kitchen is ready for hospitality?

Here’s how this will work! I broke down each area of your kitchen into categories! You will see two sections, 1: The products and tools we believe are critical for hospitality, 2: My favorites and products that you can work up to over time. Ready to get started?

Get a pen ready to check off what you have! Then highlight the empty squares to identify what you need.

 Looking to add a particular item to your kitchen? Click on the item to be directed to our suggestions easily found on Amazon. 

Ready? Let's do this together! 

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